Model AEK II Air-Electric converters coupled with GageChek Readouts or PC Computer Gage Stations provide more computing capacity than Micro IIi readouts. These converters use the same proven air gage interface modules as the Micro IIi and Millicheck Readouts, each converter unit accommodates up to four analog and serial digital outputs in one shop hard housing. Multiple AEK converters can be stacked to accommodate complex applications.

AEK II Air-electric converter technical data

Gage inputs:
Specify from 1 to 4 Air gage or LVDT modules per enclosure. (Modules are the same as for Micro IIi readouts).

Analog outputs:
Up to four, ±10 VDC full scale outputs, ( 1.0 ma. max.) on 9 pin Sub-D female connector.

air-electric-convertor-diagramDigital output:
Serial RS-232C, continuously outputs the analog voltage values for each channel, ten one word updates per second. Uses: Carriage return and line feed delimiters, Data bits: 8, Baud rate: 9600. (9 pin Sub-D male connector).

Controls, front panel:
  Channel select
  Zero adjust
  Span adjust (dual master only)
  Pneumatic Zero adjust (A/G modules only)

Controls, rear panel:
  Channel gain adjust lockouts
  Zero adjust lockout (global)
  Serial output rate

Air gage module requirements:
.5 to 2 SCFM @ 40 to 125 psi (The actual air flow depends on nozzle sizes and gaging ranges of the air gage members connected to the readout).

User supplied: 9 – 30 VDC, 300 ma. when used with 4 air modules (600 ma. with 4 LVDT modules); requires 5.5/2.1 mm female plug (Digkey/CUI Inc #PP-002A or equivalent). Or use WGC power supplies: PSR-30, 110-120 VAC 60 Hz (USA) PSR-31 Universal Power supply 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz (Includes plug adapters for North America, Australia, U.K., Europe).

Weight: 7 Lbs (3.2 Kg)

AEKII Order Codes