Dual Circuit Air Probe
Provides rapid inspection of valve guide internal diameters.

Four Circuit Air Probe
Provides fast-accurate inspection of internal lands in hydraulic valve housings.

Air Straightness Gages check the straightness of internal diameters in valve housings and similar parts.

Dual Circuit Six Jet Air Probe checks average diameter at two places in wrist pin bores.

Leaf Jet Air Probes check bores with rough surface finishes or narrow lands too narrow for gaging with open jets.

Multi-circuit Air Spindles
Provide simultaneous measurements at multiple locations.

Three Jet Air Probe accurately measure 3 lobed out-of-round conditions not detectable with two jet probes.

Six Jet Air Probe measure the average diameter of thin walled parts.

Air Straightness Gages check the “banana” shape of long bores.
Rotating the air spindle displays the straightness error.

Leaf Jet AIr Probes incorporate carbide tip styluses to measure the workpiece. Use these on rough surface for best correlation to measurements with other gaging methods.